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We are direct manufacturer and exporter for Marmoglass Composite tiles in china.

Our products cover from Slab, Tile, Skirting, Steps, Countertop, Tabletop, Riser , Column and so on.
Our crystallized white Marmoglass Composite tiles is porpular in market of USA, Italy, Portugal, UAE, UK, Brazil, Mexico, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Greece and so on.
Glass tiles
composite marmoglass.
marmoglass laminated tiles.
Composite marmoglass nanoglass tiles.
Crystal white with porcelain backing.
Composite marmoglass tiles marmoglass laminated crystallized.
Crystal white tiles with porcelain backing Marmoglass Composite tiles.
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Manufacturer of Marmoglass, Nanoglass,Marmoglass composite,Glass stone,crystallized glass panel,minicrystal stone
marmoglass panel ceramics (marble panel ceramics,glass panel compound,compound tile)
Compound Microcrystal Stone - Composite Marmoglass:
also called as glass-ceramics porcelain compound board, which is a kind of new type compound board that compounds the glass ceramics in the surface layer of 2-5mm of porcelain tile and also a kind of new high-tech product formed by the second sintering, the thickness of glass-ceramics porcelain compound board is 8-12mm and its glossiness is more than 95.
Size: 600x600mm, 800x800mm, 1000x1000mm, 1200x600mm
type: Composite Crystallized Stone
Color: White Material
Origin: China
Finishing: Polished
Supply Ability: 100000 m2
Port: Xiamen Port.
Min.Order: 100 m2
Packaging Detail: Wooden Pallets
Delivery Detail: 10 Days
Shipment Terms: FOB
Payment Terms: T/T
Crystallized ceramic composite tiles,Composite Marmoglass, Compound Stone.
Composite Marmoglass is compound with Micro-Crystal stone Marmoglass and ceramic through firing by high temperature. It is the second generation new high-tech Crystallized glass products with perfect sense of beauty and strong stereoscopic caused by the formed naturally bead-like pattern is immerged in the lipid layer of jade. After continuous research and development, it has totally five generations.
Compare with natural stone and porcelain, Crystallized ceramic composite tiles have many advantages.
1) High glossiness
2) High intensity and hardness
The density is 2.65-2.70 and hardness is 6.5-7.0 and compressive strength is 500Mpa. All are better than natural stone.
3) High chemic stability
4) Non-absorbent, anti-pollution, free-maintenance:.
5) Good Frost resistance and thermal shock resistance6) Rich color but no color difference
Crystallized ceramic composite tiles have a series of different colors ,such as white, yellow, blue, green, gray, black, red and others. Some are the special that can not be found in natural stone colors. Especially for elegant pure white just like jade. And it is no color difference under strictly controlled when processing.
7) Never fade and long using life
Crystallized ceramic composite tiles adopt inorganic materials to melt all ingredient as a whole by 1,500 degrees temperature. The chemic stability is perfect.
8) High level of environmental performance
It is a pure green product without any radioactive material and disserve from lead or cadmium after baking.
9) Low cost in construction
The way for installing is the same as porcelain tiles, easy, convenient and low cost when installing.
10) Low price
The price of Crystallized ceramic composite tiles is 35%~50% lower than pure crystal glass products and top natural materials. So the ordinary people also can enjoy top decorative effect but in low price.

we are crystallized glass panel---glass thassos factory , we can supply you nano crystallized glass panel , nanoglass , marmoglass , marmo glass, minicrystalalized ,artificial marble ,artifical quarz stone, composite marmoglass.
All Marmoglass Composite color are of the top grade,We have CE certificate, ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 for our marmoglass compound.
Crystallized glass stone has virtually no variations and is primarily white. It is available in both slabs and tiles of varying sizes. It is recommended for both residential and commercial projects including flooring, countertops and walls.

we are crystallized glass panel---glass thassos factory , we can supply you nano crystallized glass panel , nanoglass , marmoglass , marmo glass , minicrystalalized ,artificial marble ,artifical quarz stone .Marmoglass, Crystallized glass panel, nano crystallized glass panel, pore marmoglass, pore crystallized glass panel, Artificial Stone, Hole-Free Micro Crystal Stone, Pure white stone, Crystallized glass tile, Crystal glass tile, pure white artificial white marble, Marmo Glass, Glass Marble, White Marble, Marmoglass, nano marmoglass, no pore marmoglass, non-pore crystallized glass panel, glass marble, white marble, crystal white marble, white stone, white marble tile, Micro-crystal stone, Crystallized glass, Crystallized White Stone, Crystallized White Stone, Micro-crystallized composite tile, Hole-Free Micro Crystal Stone, Micro-crystallized composite tile, White Marble Tiles, pure white marble, pure white, crystal white , marble slab, pure white artificial stone, crystal white glass, crystallized stone, crystallized glass, glass panel, artificial material, decoration material, crystallized panel, crystallized tile, crystallized glass stone , artificial marble, artificial granite, crystal glass, ceramic panel, crystallized glass tile, artificial stone, quartz stone, compound crystallized glass stone, Artificial Stone, Quartz Stone, Artificial Quartz, Building Material, Countertop, Decorative Material, Engineered Stone, Star Yellow Quartz Stone (Artificial Stone, Artificial Quartz, Building Material, Countertop, Engineered Stone) Decorative Material, quartz kitchen top kitchen countertop, Artificial Quartz Stone, Crystal Quartz, Pure Color Quartz, Bicolor Quartz, pure white quartz stone, pure black quartz.As the new green artificial stone, Crystallized Glass is a kind of artificial marble

If you have stone inquiry, please leave us a message, we will reply you as soon as we can!
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