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Pure Black Quartz Stone Slab

Pure Black Quartz Stone Slab,black quartz stone slab, solid surface

Quartz Stone
Quartzo Stone
Quartz Slab
Quartz Tile
Quartz Surface
Quartz Sheet
Quartz Countertops
Quartz Stone Counters
Engineered Quartz Stone
Artificial Quartz Stone
Stone Quartz Slabs

3000x1200x12mm 3000x1400x12mm
3000x1200x15mm 3000x1400x15mm
3000x1200x18mm 3000x1400x18mm
3000x1200x20mm 3000x1400x20mm
3000x1200x30mm 3000x1400x30mm

- pure white color
- absolute black color
- white with glass
- black with glass
- red with glass
- blue with glass
- green with glass
- brown with glass
- grey with glass
- yellow with glass
- multi color

NCM: 6810.1900
Product Origin: China
Minimum Order: 200 Square Meter
Production Capacity: 120000 Square/ Meter Month
Delivery Time: 15 days
Packaging : strong wooden package

Quartz stone is a selection of high quality natural quartz stone quartz crystal and polymer materials in a vacuum powered by high pressure synthesis, which contains up to 93% natural quartz, combined with resin, mineral pigments and other additives, components, selected materials are color and vacuum pressure to form very tight complexes, and then by a professional cut and dried, and surface polishing, Calibratin.

incomparable characteristic of high resistance to abrasion, compression, scratch, heat, corrosion and penetration etc.

Main application:
1. Kitchen: Cabinet countertops, worktops, decking for kitchen walls, etc.
2. Vanity and Bathroom: vanity countertops, decking for shower room walls, dressing mirror frames, etc.
3. Commercial applications: counter tops, walls decking, floor decking of banks, telecom business halls, etc
4. Dining-room: bar tops and desktops in Western-style dining rooms, desktops,wall decking and floor decking etc.
5. Residential application: furniture tops, teapoy, walls decking and floor decking, etc.
6. Office area: bureau and chair tops, large reception desks, etc.

Please feel free to contact us for samples and inquiry.


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