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Marmoglass Slab 300x160x2cm

manufacturer of Marmoglass stone slab,Show Details of Marmoglass stone slab-China Marmoglass Co.,Limited
Pure White Marmoglass Slab from China, the Details Include Pictures,Sizes,Color,Material and Origin. You Can Contact the Supplier-China Marmoglass Co.,Limited
Marmoglass Slab can be used House kitchen, Restaurant, Hotel, Shopping mall, Commercial center, Other Project etc. Marmoglass Slab is widely used in Interior and external wall cladding, china marmoglass counter tops, stairs, columns, xiamentang floors, indoor/outdoor, tabletops, board rooms, bars, clubs, restaurants, and cafes, sidewalks, building facades etc.

White marmoglass slabs 3000x1200mm;White marmoglass slabs 3000x1600mm;
White marmoglass slabs 2800x1200mm;White marmoglass slabs 2800x1600mm;
Marmoglass Standard Tiles:
900x900mm; 800x800mm
600x600mm; 610x610mm
600x300mm; 600x400mm
457x457mm; 305x305mm
White marmoglass slabs Thickness: 12, 15, 18, 20, 25 , 30 mm.
Other sizes according to clients’ request.
Marmoglass deeven suitable for the senior home decoration.
White marmoglass slabs Applications:
1. Interior & external wall cladding
2. Flooring, Stair, Column cladding
3. Basin, Countertop, Table, Bar
4. Kitchen, any tops, round pillar and furniture decoration etc.
China Marmoglass Co.,Limited also provides Nanoglass and Marmoglass composite ,Our White marmoglass slabs have obtained the CE certificate and have been exported to countries in Middle East, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Angola, Australia, Africa and Portugal.
White marmoglass slabs from China Marmoglass Co.,Limited is good in quality and competitive in price. We are manufacturer and supplier of MARMOGLASS AND NANOGLASS.
Pls feel free to contact us for any enquiries.

Marmoglass availableColor: Crystal White, Beige, Grey, Black, Blue ect.

White marmoglass slabs

Beige Color Marmoglass

Blue Marmoglass Wall and Flooring

Marmoglass available Slab Size: 2400 x 1200mm, 2800 x 1400mm, 3000 x 1600mm.

Beige Color Of Marmoglass

What is Marmoglass ?

As a kind of green artificial marble, Crystallized Marmo Glass is also called marmoglass, micro crystal. The most popular crystal white Crystallized Glass is widely known as Glassos crytal white and Super Thassos Glass in USA.
The name may vary from country to country.
Crystallized Glass Slab
Spotted White Crystallized Glass
Yellow in White Marmoglass
Crystal White Crystallized Glass
Tang Marmoglass Stone
Beige Crystallized Glass
White micro glass tile Jade
White Crystallized Glass Panels
Jade White Crystallized Glass Panels
Ken China Marmoglass
crystallized glass panel price
blue crystallized glass panel
nano crystallized glass panel
polished crystallized glass panel

Marmoglass called China Marmoglass, pore marmoglass , Marmo Glass , super white marmoglass , marmoglass white, super glossy white marmoglass , marmoglass perfect white.
Marmoglass is a complex solid material which contains an abundance of mini-crystal and vitreous body. This is by the process of sintering and annealing under a temperature of 1500 degrees celcius for a full 24 hours. Marmoglass by Mr Tang is a new building material which is similar to natural stone used for architectural decoration. The advantage of Crystallized MarmoGlass is it has better properties and more splendent decorative effect, Especially Marmoglass has not the risk of radioactivity.

Marmoglass is developed by a process micro-crystallized crystal glass powder and additives marble arises a material which results in beauty exclusivity and sophistication.

As an inorganic type material crystallized with permanent chemical functions, the products Marmoglass provides resistance to acid/alkali and chemical stability, even when exposed to rain, sun, wind and pollution詈倦敞雴搊 it’s very suitable for interior and exterior decoration of buildings.

Full Body Marmoglass Tiles are available in various sizes at factory direct prices.
Marmoglass tiles Standard Size, 300×600, 400×600, 600×600,800×800, 1000×1000, 1200x1200mm,etc
Common thickness: 12mm,18mm, other thickness need to be customized(12mm-30mm)

Feature of Crystallized Marmo Glass Tiles:

1.Excellent functions with better advantages of physics and chemistry than natural stone Slabs.

2.Fine textured, smooth surfaced, dense structure, evenly crystallized.
3.Rich in colors from xiametang and can be widely applied
4.Excellent for acid and alkali resistance and heat resistance.
5.No water absorption, excellent for pollution resistance, makes maintenance convenient.
6.It is a green product, no harm to human body

Cleaning and Maintenance for marmoglass

Crystal White Marmoglass should be cleaned with a non abrasive cleaner, preferably Windex or another type of Glass Cleaners. Always protect the surface when working the material.

Marmoglass and Glassos is the White Crystallized Glass products perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, walls, and floors.As a kind of green artificial marble, Crystallized Glass is also called marmoglass, micro crystal. The most popular crystal white Marmoglass is widely known as Glassos crytal white and Super Thassos Glass in USA.
Nanoglass’ main element is Silicon Dioxide-SiO2. Nanoglass also called Nano Crystallized Glass, Pure White Nanoglass, Neoparies, Artificial White Marble, Glass Stone.
The differences between Crystallized glass Marmoglass and Nanoglass .

the difference between Marmoglass and Nanoglass

It is easy to mix Crystallized glass and Nano glass , though they are different in many aspects .

1. Materials
marmoglass and nanoglass , though they both comprise quartz sands that take up about 30% of the whole raw materials . marmoglass consists of soda feldspar, calcium carbonate …, while Nanoglass consists of Lithium feldspar , silicate , potassium carbonate …

2.Processing technology
It takes twice melt & crystallization to produce marmoglass from power materials to panels which is like the formation of natural granite.
Crystallized granules formed in the first furnace under high temperature will then be sent to the slab mold in the second kiln to melt and then crystallize under high temperature .
For nanoglass, It takes only one melt & cooling down to panels , which is more like the processing of glass

3.Appearance .
Polished Crystallized glass Marmoglass from chinamarmoglass has small patterns on the surface which you may not realize, while Nano glass has no details. Though Crystallized glass has more details, it is not as white as Nanoglass. You can only find the white Nano glass from chinananoglass in the market even in 2011 , however, colors of crystallized glass is varied .
difference in appearance is crystallized glass is porous , while Nanoglass is non-porous .

4. Price
Right now, the both materials of Marmoglass and Nanoglass is nearly same price, people select according to their preferences. You can take the samples from us or email info@chinamarmoglass.com

MarmoGlass Feature:
1. It’s excellent functioned with better advantages of physics and chemistry than nataural stone slab.
Marmoglass is made through special arts under the condition of high temperature,which is similar to that of the forming of granite.It has advantages of physics and chemistry ,such as even-texture,high-density,anti-pressure,anti-bend,anti-hit etc, which are better than than nataural stone slab.It is ever-lasting and wear-resisting.it has no small crackless of natural stone slab.

2.It is fine-textured,smooth-surfaced.
Marmoglass have special crystallized structure and glass substratum structure. its texture is fine and smooth,its surface is smooth and crystal clear.for the coming ray.it can produce effect of diffused reflection,which is pleasing to your eyes.

3.Marmoglass is rich in colors and it can be widely applied.According to the special manufacture arts,rich and fashionable colors,such as snow white,cream-colored,silver grey can be made to meet the needs of production, at the same time,it can remedy the color demerits of nataural stone slab.it fits for internal and external decoration of hotels,office buildings,bus stations,airports and top class household decoration,such as wall surface,floor,ceiling etc.

4. Marmoglass is excellent for acid and soda-resistance and heat-resistance.
As a kind of inorganic crystallized materials with stable chemical functions with glass substratum structure,crystallized glass panel have better soda-resistance,corrosiveness-resistance than natural stone slab. Especially its heat-resistance is outstanding.its luster and intensity can not be reduced under various of weather condition.

5. Marmoglass is excellent for pollution-resistance,which makes maintenance conveient.
Crystallized glass panel’s hygroscopicity is very low,it can not be polluted by dirt and colored liquid,dirt on surface can be easily washed,it is convenient to maintenance of buildings.

6. Marmoglass can be bent if heated so as to make stones slab of verious forms.
Being heated,crystallized glass panel can be made stone slab in various forms,such as arc and curved surface,it has advantages of easy craft and low cost,for arc stone slabs, malpractice such as excessive cutting,grinding and waster of time materials etc. can be avoided.

7. Marmoglass contains no radioactive elements,not harmful to people’s health.
Any radioactive elements have been removed in the process of manufacture,unlilke
some natural stone slabs,crystallized glass panel have no harmful radioactive elements, it is one of safest kind of green environment protection materials.

Xiamen Tianrun Stoneglass is the China first marmoglass factory, china best marmoglass tang factory, china biggest marmoglass factory, china biggest marmoglass supplier.
you can contact us info@chinamarmoglass.com or whatsapp 0086 13950111631

Here see the photo of Crystallized MarmoGlass Tile 600x300mm and 600x600mm

For more Marmoglass Tiles information and latest prices, please contact us info@chinamarmoglass.com

Crystallized Glass Tile Perfect White


Xiamen Tianrun Stoneglass Import and Export Co.,Ltd.

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Subject:Marmoglass Slab 300x160x2cm

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